Company background

SR SPORT is a comprehensive sports company. Company services include sports equipment sales, sports training, sports technology promotion, event organization and other sports related industries. The company is located in Richmond, BC, Canada. The company has more than ten staff members and coaches, as well as a large number of volunteer parents and sports training professionals.

Company structure

The company has two main parts of business: sports equipment sales and sports training. It has a showroom and an online store for both retail and wholesale. The company strives to promote the brand to all sports industries and sports projects throughout Canada. At the same time, the company owns and sponsors multiple sports teams, sports events and charity games. It also dedicates its resources to local youth sports training and international sports exchanges, especially in soccer. The company set up a U-13 youth soccer team and has sponsored university soccer teams at the University of British Columbia as well as sponsoring multiple soccer leagues in a cooperative manner. With basketball, we signed a cooperation deal with VABL, the largest amateur basketball league in Vancouver. The company plans to continue in-depth cooperation with the local sports industries, especially with the fitness industry.

Corporate Plan

While establishing sports training programs and distributing sports products, SR SPORT plans to partner up with investors to set up an independent training facility. This project will be setting up an indoor soccer facility with locker rooms, sports equipment stores, a coffee shop, and other supplemental facilities. The site is planned to cover an area of ​​10,000 feet with an investment of $ 500,000 CAD. It can host two 5 a side games at the same time or one 9 a side game by itself. In addition to commercial rental, the venue will be the training venue for all teams under SR SPORT. Teams of all age groups can practice basic soccer skills and do fitness as well as strength training at the facility. At the same time, the venue will host various levels of indoor soccer leagues and cups. Advertising spaces can be run around the facility. There will be spaces for rent for services such as physiotherapy. Because the company has its own sporting goods brand, sports teams, and training programs, the facility will be used to its full capacity. All these resources can be used to expand customer base and reduce the facility’s vacancy rate to the minimum. The company will keep venturing into other types of sports. The goal is to establish a comprehensive sports facility for indoor soccer, basketball, fitness gym, while setting up a training system and sports league system in the next 5 to 8 years. Catering, rehab centre, and other supporting services will be set up as well.
Venue operating budget:

Human Resources

The company currently has several professional soccer coaches and fitness trainers. All of them have relevant professional qualifications and professional background. Using the existing resources, the company can recruit high level athletes from Canada or China as trainers. The company will launch international sports exchange seminars and job fairs. Meanwhile the club will set up training and certification exams with certification organizations for multiple different sports types. This will help more athletes obtain official certifications in different sports types and fitness fields.

Company Partnerships

SR SPORT sincerely cooperates with various sports companies, groups and individuals to jointly develop and establish professional sports platforms. The company plans to develop high-tech training, competitions, and rehabilitation systems. While focusing on its own development and progress, the company will bring development and progress to surrounding projects, enterprises, communities, and groups. At the same time, professional athletes and coaches of various sports types are welcome to join or cooperate with SR SPORT to facilitate training, competitions, and charitable events.